Summer Starts with a Bang! ~ June 24th, 2018

Summer 2018 Starts with a Bang!

Mountain Biking Through The Spires

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The mountain bike season started off with a bang! As Schweitzer opened this weekend on Sunday, June 24th. With Schweitzer Mountain Resort offering free chairlift rides on the great escape lift. All we can say is WOW. Thousands of people lined up to get a taste of the sumertime mountain air, beautiful views and of course take a bike ride down the mountain. The weather was fabulous, the music was great and a wonderful time was had by all.

Once at the top, the mountain is your playground. With many of your favorite old trails to blaze down as well many new added trails for your mountain biking pleasure.

The Spires lies within the heart of our areas best mountain biking trail system. With Schweitzer Mountain Resort and the Selkirk Recreation District trails out The Spires backdoor, we have it all! The Selkirk Recreation District last year has completed a flow trail connecting the new Schweitzer Sky House, down through The Spires and ending near base of the mountain.

Schweitzer Mountain Resort and The Spires offers plenty of summertime fun. Along with the ever expanding mountain biking trails there are also scenic hiking trails and huckleberries to be picked along the way. The village at Schweitzer Mountain Resort also offers extended fun and play for all ages. With a zip line, sluice box, air jumper, climbing wall, and many other free activities your imagination is your only limitation.

We all know how great ski-in ski-out living is at The Spires, now come see the great advantages of biking in and biking out at The Spires!

Bike-in/Bike-out at The Spires

Come visit The Spires and see what true bike-in/bike-out living is all about!